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Private speech and language services are not covered by OHIP, but let us help you find some ways to fund your child's therapy. 


If you have access to health benefits, typically benefits for speech and language therapy fall under the Medical Rehabilitation section of a benefit policy.  Your policy should outline if there is a maximum amount that can be claimed per year (e.g. $500).  Some policies are more specific and outline a maximum amount that can be claimed per sessions (e.g. $80).
Many insurance policies offer an amount per claimant.  This means that parents may have coverage for speech and language treatment.  During treatment there may be instances were you as a parent may be required to be trained on a particular strategy or technique to use at home to help facilitate your child's speech and language development.  If your therapist requires parent training within your child's treatment plan, the session may be eligible to be billed or claimed under the parent's name.  This can extend your child's benefit coverage.  

Take a close look at your Personal Health Spending accounts to see if these accounts can cover speech and language therapy as well.


If your child is receiving speech and language therapy and has a medical diagnosis (e.g. Autism, apraxia, etc) and treatment is an expected and integral part of their well being, you may be eligible for the Child Disability Benefit.  In order to determine your eligibility, please visit the CRA website for more information.


There are grants that have been put in place to help children with special needs.  Please review the websites provided to determine if you might be eligible to receive grants for speech and language services.
Jennifer Ashleigh Children's Charity

Labbatt Better Together

**Payment is due at each visit. Receipts will be provided to you for insurance purposes.  

We do not submit our receipts directly to the insurance companies**