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It's Nice to Meet You

Aren Jenson, Speech Language Pathologist

Aren received her B.A.(Honours) in Linguistics (2003) from Brock University, followed by her M.H.Sc. for Speech-Language Pathology (2005) from University of Toronto. From a young age, Aren has shown a passion for helping those who can’t communicate find their voice. Her first experience was during a Girl Guide camp, where she became friends with someone who used Blissymbols to communicate. 

Prior to joining Speak Your Mind, Aren worked for nearly 13 years supporting adults with Developmental Disabilities. In her role as Speech-Language Pathologist with Regional Support Associates, she covered many areas, including dysphagia, expressive and receptive language delays, and augmentative and alternative communication development. Through this work, Aren gained an appreciation of “thinking outside the box” when it comes to providing speech language therapy. She believes that family and caregivers are crucial members of the treatment team! Aren also has experience working with children through private practice work, and running Wee Hands baby sign language classes. 

Certifications Include:

  • Hanen "More Than Words" Parent Training Program 2019
  • Completion of Social Thinking Training Core Concepts 2018 - 2019
  • Completion David Loyst Reference and Regulate training program 2018
  • Hanen “Allow Me” training
  • Individual Authorizer for Communication Aids with the Assistive Devices Program of Ontario
  • PECS level I
  • Level III American Sign Language
  • Essentials for Living - A Communication, Behaviour, and Functional Skills Curriculum by Patrick McGreevy

Aren lives in Plattsville with her husband and two boys. When not at the clinic, you can likely find Aren in the hockey arena, or alongside of the soccer/baseball fields, cheering on her kids. She will likely be the one with the cowbell! Aren also enjoys volunteering at her children’s school, and local organizations.